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Van Glas
  • You examine the possibility to have a creative workshop?
  • One of your friends or girlfriends gets married and you're the organizer of the Bachelor day?
  • You don't know what activity to choose for this year’s birthday party?


There are of course a lot of workshops and activities available, but this is very special!

A Glassblowing Workshop is suitable for young and old, from 8 to 80 +.
What kind of people you bring, colleagues, family, friends, it doesn't really matter. Glassblowing together gives you the unique opportunity to get acquainted with glass.

A group can be large or small, but 20 people is pretty much themaximum.
The workshop starts with an introduction. We take you to a spectacular world where fire, liquid glass and age-old craft dominate. Hereafter the intention is that you yourself work with this fascinating material.

Glassblowing can also be part of a complete day in Amsterdam, easy to combine with numerous other affairs. The offer is very varied. Van Glas is located in the Southern Center of the city, on a public transport node and all forms of entertainment within walking distance. A drink or eating out before and after the workshop is no problem, there are a lot of possibilities in the neighborhood! Reserving a table is recommendable.

To sum up:you can blow glass and try yourself. It is a difficult material and a difficult craft, but the items are still achievable for everyone. The purpose of the workshop is very flexible, you can create a number of examples, but experiment and make own creations is also quite good. Fun and creativity are paramount. As a Group you share jointly four of the atelier's burners. Alternately, motivate the others and try yourself.



This workshop glass blowing you will in any case remember as a special and unique experience and the burners are always ready for you!

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